Credit: Logo

If you haven’t heard of Logo’s new show Finding Prince Charming, TV Line is calling it, The Bachelor. Only without the roses. And the women.”

So, already, we’re pretty much in. But it gets even better. You see, the series is giving us what we always wanted: a gay men’s version of The Bachelor (We can only hope a Finding Princess Charming follows suit).

Hosted by Lance Bass, the inaugural season of Finding Prince Charming centers on Robert Sepúlveda Jr., a 33-year-old interior designer, and he is also a Very Attractive Human. Sepúlveda is looking to find love with one of the 13 eligible men who will be vying for his heart and attention — and as we said, we barely needed to know that much more to be excited about this.

First of all, everyone involved is gorgeous and yeah, we know we’re being superficial but TV is a visual medium so we feel it’s a valid point. Secondly, we’re definitely excited that Lance Bass will be this show’s Chris Harrison. In the trailer, we get a small taste of him consulting Sepúlveda, and we think he’ll provide kind support to our main prince charming. And lastly, there are hints at some really sweet romance, and we’re definitely suckers for that.

Obviously, though, we hope Sepúlveda finds love with one of the 13 men on the show. They range from a business analyst who has been single for 11 years to a beauty expert who’s worked with Britney Spears, and even a healthcare administrator who was subjected to conversion therapy as a teenager, so it’s a pretty interesting set of guys.

Finding Prince Charming premieres on September 8th at 9/8c. And if you’ll be at home ready for the first episode with popcorn, don’t worry — we will, too.