Emily Baines
Updated Jul 31, 2016 @ 8:04 am
Jon Stewart
Credit: Comedy Central

We’re in the golden age of political commentary: Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and, of course, the grandfather of it all—Jon Stewart. When Jon Stewart left our airwaves in 2015, we were in mourning. Let’s be honest: we’re STILL in mourning. He made politics interesting. He made us care. Not to mention, laugh.

So we were thrilled when we learned that Jon Stewart was returning to our television screens, especially with edgy network HBO. And today we’ve learned some exciting new information about his partnership with HBO. And it involves animation.

That’s right, animation!

Credit: giphy.com

At the Television Critics Association press tour Saturday, new HBO programming president Casey Bloys told reporters:

“He’s establishing an animation studio because he wants to get material out multiple times a day. And the idea is it will be an animated parody of a cable news network, with kind of an Onion-like portal.”

Well, we love the Onion. So that sounds pretty awesome. But establishing his own animation studio? That’s hardcore commitment!

Credit: giphy.com

Bloy added that the new program will “probably” come in the form of a half-hour program, and the animation would be “simple” to allow for “a quick turnaround.” (That makes us think of South Park‘s insanely quick turnarounds.) Stewart and HBO are also working with the graphics company Otoy to create his new series.

Well, we’re pumped. We’re always up for some fun animation. Plus, we’ve missed you, Jon Stewart!