Jessica Ellis
June 26, 2016 8:43 am

Season 6 is drawing to a close, leaving us at the end of the season of the women on Game of Thrones. From Sansa reclaiming her homeland and inventing recipes for dog chow to Daenerys learning some excellent new BBQ techniques with her dragons/mobile grills, the ladies have dominated this season.

But while Game of Thrones has faced some criticism for its’ treatment of female characters in the past, there’s also been some “YAAAY FEMINISM” moments scattered throughout. Here’s a look at some of the most awesome women-power moments throughout the series!

1. Margaery gets the crown she wants…repeatedly

Margaery may not be into in-your-face power moves, but the woman has ambitions and she’s out for a crown — whoever may be wearing it.

2. Brienne issues a beatdown on a bear

It ain’t easy being a lady knight in Westeros, especially when fighting a bear with a wooden sword. But Brienne. Didn’t. Blink.

3. Arya claims herself

One of the highlights of Arya’s Adventures in Assassination is when she decided she isn’t no-one after all.


4. Cersei gives us a catchphrase

Cersei may be on the militant side (and, you know, pretty evil) but she’s the prototype of a woman forced to sell her soul to survive and thrive in a brutal world, and summed it up perfectly back in season 1.

5. Two queens in exile team up

No, if you’re wondering, exactly none of us can watch this Yara/Dany team-up moment enough.

6. Ygritte empowers herself

Wildling women do not need men (especially those who know nothing) to make the first move.

7. Sansa stands up

Few women on Game of Thrones have has a tougher time then Sansa, which made it so cathartic to see her face her rapist and not flinch.

8. Dany…just everything

Our Khaleesi, our Dragon Queen, has evolved from scared child-bride to slightly scary ruler in six years. There’s really no non-feminist moment for Daenerys, but it all goes back to this one:

What’d we miss? What’s your favorite feminist moment from Game of Thrones?