felicity jones
Credit: NBC

When it comes to prepping for the iconic sketch comedy show, first time Saturday Night Live host Felicity Jones needed a little help from her friends enemies. The star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be hitting the SNL stage on January 14th and based on her first promo, Jones is going to be embracing the Force.

Although Jones has been in her fair share of movies before becoming a member of the Star Wars universe, in 2017 — she is understandably riding that Jyn Erso fame wave.

And for the promo for Jones’ hosting gig, Saturday Night Live fully embraced the Star Wars connection.

First off, the spot starts with Saturday Night Live spoofing the Lucasfilm Ltd. logo.

Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Then it shows Jones practicing her monologue. She checks in with her audience — a group of stormtroopers — to see how she did. Even though they give her a fairly lukewarm response (after all, she did battle them in Rogue One), she says:

“Thanks, guys. You’re a real bunch of troopers.”

Yes, the pun is totally cringe-worthy, but don’t worry the troopers don’t let her off the hook. They groan and tell her how cheesy it is and Jones adorably realizes they should cut that bit from her real monologue.

Hey, at least the stormtroopers were easier on her in this SNL promo than they were in Rogue One.

Then, the promo ends by spoofing the title credits of Star Wars.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

For SNL and Star Wars fans, this is going to be a great combo. Not only based on Jones’ sneak peek, but also because of how another Star Wars star — Adam Driver — spoofed his character Kylo Ren this time last year on SNL.

So get pumped for Jones to take the SNL stage on Jan. 14th!