Caralynn Lippo
August 01, 2016 11:34 am

If you’re anything like me, you have an uncontrollable impulse to immediately binge-watch any show that Netflix drops one full season at a time. Such was the case with ’80s nostalgia-fest Stranger Things, which debuted on Netflix on July 15th and which I had promptly consumed in its entirety by 11:59pm that same day. I’m 100% not joking or exaggerating when I say that I set a Google alert for “Stranger Things Season 2” news the *minute* the credits rolled on the first batch of eight amazing episodes. So, heads up: *spoilers* ahead for the full first season of Stranger Things.

Though a second season hasn’t officially been greenlit by Netflix, a return to the creepy, instantly iconic world of Stranger Things is all but guaranteed. The show’s gotten near universal critical acclaim and viewers are ~flipping out~ over how amazing and brilliant the show and its ’80s homages are. Viewers are also freaking out over the fate of everybody’s favorite character, Eleven.

Lucky for us, the Duffer brothers (co-creators of the incredible series) are dropping hints about the future of the show and, specifically, Eleven’s fate!

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This little girl is just the coolest, and I can’t even handle her in gif form.

The first season of Stranger Things gave us a solid resolution to the central mystery “What happened to Will Byers?” but managed to leave enough threads open in the finale to provide ~plenty~ of material for the inevitable second season (if I keep saying it’s inevitable, it will eventually happen, right?).

In the finale, Will was rescued and Eleven sacrificed herself to defeat the monstrous Demogorgon and save everyone – but the final scenes of the episode hinted that his week spent in the creepy Upside Down dimension had irrevocably changed Will and, more importantly, that Eleven could possibly still be alive. Why would Chief Hopper leave Eggos, El’s favorite frozen breakfast food, in the forest if not for her?? I mean, really.


In an interview with Variety, the Duffer Brothers didn’t *explicitly* confirm that Eleven was still in the land of the living, but they came pretty darn close.  That’s right, y’all, Eleven might have escaped Season 1 intact, unlike our other fave Barb. R.I.P., Barb, who is, alas 100% dead. Still not over it.

When asked by the interviewer what was up with that Eggo cliffhanger, Matt Duffer said:

Obviously something happened to her when she destroyed and killed that monster and we don’t know what [sic] she went. Hopper is left with this guilt because he sold her out. We wanted to leave it sort of mysterious exactly what he knows… Have there been sightings in the woods or is he hoping she’s out there or has he already made contact with her? We don’t answer any of that, but we like the idea of potentially putting her and Hopper together.

So, basically, AMAZING NEWS. Eleven’s not dead because “we don’t know” where she went – meaning she went somewhere, i.e., is not even a little bit dead. It’s not clear what Hopper knows about Eleven’s whereabouts, but the fact that the Duffers “like the idea” of throwing Eleven and Hopper together means that Eleven still exists in some capacity (and can be brought back to the real world), i.e., is 100% definitely not dead. At least…Not in the traditional sense, right?

Obviously, if the show comes back for Season 2, they will want to bring with it the show’s #1 character (Eleven, duh). Thematically, pairing up Eleven with Hopper would be brilliant, given that Hopper’s central Season 1 arc was him coming to terms with the earlier death of his daughter. Having Hopper act as a surrogate father to Eleven and have a chief role in rescuing her would be absolutely perfect. I’m here for it.

Plus, Eleven and Mike still need to go to that damn Snow Ball together. Look at this adorableness!

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Are you already crying over the prospect of a Mike/Eleven reunion? Because I am. Crying over that, and counting down the days until Season 2 is officially confirmed.