Karen Belz
February 10, 2017 6:32 am
Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic / Getty Images

If you’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls, visually, this might not be a shocking change — but if you only know of Milo Ventimiglia based on This Is Us, you may feel a little sad to see something vanish in upcoming episodes. It’s grim, but not the level of grim you’re probably bracing yourself for.

It’s been leaked that Milo Ventimiglia will be without his signature mustache pretty soon.

We have to admit, those of us who knew him solely as Jess Mariano were a little surprised to see it on his face in the first place, but it really helped define his role as Jack Pearson. As a father of three, the mustache made us appreciate him as an adult, and — y’know — not a troublemaking high schooler who caused problems around Stars Hollow.

Executive producer Ken Olin leaked the information with a brief series of tweets.

“Go places we’ve never been before.” Hmm. Does that mean that perhaps we’ll get an even younger look at Jack and Rebecca, played flawlessly by Mandy Moore?

We did see Jack interacting with his father very briefly a few episodes back, after all.

Or maybe this is just a phase for Jack — a midlife crisis, perhaps.

No matter what, we’re continuing to love everything about this show. Even though we might be confused by a clean-shaven Milo, we know that the cast and crew have all of this meticulously planned. There aren’t many shows that genuinely surprise us these days, but This Is Us definitely keeps us guessing — and keeps us tuned in. No wonder why they’ve already been renewed for two more seasons!

The next episode of This Is Us will be airing on February 14th, on NBC. It’s Valentine’s Day, but hey — we’ll be making sure our plans coordinate with the live broadcast.