Rachel Paige
September 21, 2016 2:36 pm

Oh wow, where to even BEGIN when it comes to the interlocking web of secrets, mystery, and horror when it comes to American Horror Story and Scream Queens?

As you probably (fondly) remember, American Horror Story released like 6,000 trailers for Season 6. JK, they released like 20. Only one of them turned out to be real — the one with the wind chimes and the teeth — and now we have American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Scream Queens, on the other hand, doesn’t like to mess with us that much, and released a handful of trailers setting up the new season in a hospital. The new season premiered last night, and all our assumptions came true about the hospital, and now in hindsight, there’s one big, glaring thing about AHS that connects it back to Scream Queens.

One of the ~fake~ AHS trailers was actually about Scream Queens.

Remember the trailer, “Blind Date?” It was all about girl-meets-monster, and during the trailer the damsel in distress actually yells, “I have to get back to my sorority!” At the time we were like, “LOL, nice Scream Queens shoutout!”

But there’s actually so much more to it. During the premiere of Scream Queens, we learn that there’s actually a monster living in the lake behind the hospital — and it looks suspiciously like the monster from “Blind Date.”


Is this “Green Meanie” the same monster from BOTH promos? Is Scream Queens going to start dropping hints in ~fake~ AHS trailers?

*The monster better not be John Stamos.