Crystal Ro
July 11, 2016 11:26 am

Aside from the other 10 million heartbreaking moments on Game of Thrones this season (and, honestly, throughout all the seasons), watching young Rickon Stark run towards Jon Snow in a STRAIGHT LINE was perhaps one of the worst.

YES it was verrrrrrry sad, but really it was just FRUSTRATING AF, and people were having it out on Twitter.

Including Game of Thrones super fan Leslie Jones who let Art have it in person, recently.

“They wouldn’t have killed you if you zigzagged!”

And even Rickon himself, actor Art Parkinson, piped in on his character’s situation.

Well, now you can right the wrong from this Thrones moment with an app called “Zigzag Rickon.”

The game is pretty self-explanatory (ahem, RICKON), you just tap left and right to zigzag the youngest Stark Child to safety…

Shalva Khotoveli / Apple

Be sure not to touch those spears on either side!

…that is if you can still avoid Ramsay’s arrows (’cause there’s like A LOT of them).

Shalva Khotoveli / Apple

It’s harder than it sounds.

And if you DO get hit by Ramsay (inevitable, really), poor Rickon will be very, very sad…and dead.

Shalva Khotoveli / Apple

Guess it was just meant to be, no matter what.

The GOOD news is that this app is totally free (buy it here or on the app store). The BAD news is that there’s no Jon Snow to mourn your (Rickon’s) cold, lifeless body this time.