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We have been brimming with questions and excitement about Westworld since it first premiered. What was the deal with the maze? Who is Arnold? Will Dolores ever realize her destiny? Not to mention, we fell immediately in love with the strong female characters.

Of course, there was some backlash. A lot of people were offended by the prevalence of sexual violence against Dolores, played with precise perfection by Evan Rachel Wood. Luckily, Evan Rachel Wood took time to discuss the future of Westworld with the folks over at Variety, and she answered some of our most burning questions while simultaneously urging patience.

Why Episode Five is Evan Rachel Wood’s favorite episode

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On Dolores’ growth:

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Wood also addressed *that* creepy moment where she grabbed the Marshal in Episode 4.

Wood acknowledged that the flashbacks in the tiny village brought out a new characteristic in the character, but gave an ominous warning that Dolores’ personality may not be all Disney princess.

AND that characteristic might have driven her to say “These violent delights have violent ends” to Maeve

It’s been a couple of episodes since Dolores spontaneously talked to Maeve, repeating the Shakespearean phrase that seems to send robots down the rabbit hole. But the effects have been staggering so far for Maeve and Dolores.

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Apparently, Evan Rachel Wood was as much in the dark about Dolores’ arc as we currently are

According to Evan, the actors would sometimes only find out what happened in each script a couple of days before shooting. But despite the lack of time to prepare, she said it was actually a good thing because this way the actors playing robots didn’t have to fake their confusion about what was going in.

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Man, is it Sunday night yet? We can’t wait any longer!