C. Molly Smith
Updated Aug 30, 2017 @ 5:59 pm

Cersei Lannister is pregnant. And while Tommen and Myrcella were actually pretty sweet, the idea that we could get a Joffrey 2.0 is downright terrifying. It’s all the more so because with the death of her three aforementioned children, everything would be riding on the one on the way.

Now, it’s possible that this pregnancy is fake. It’s arguably a manipulation to get others to do her bidding. Like perhaps she could have used that against Tyrion to get him to betray Dany and Jon, because he felt so bad about (and responsible for) Tommen’s suicide and Myrcella’s murder.

But for argument’s sake, let’s all agree that yes, Cersei is pregnant. She says Jaime is the father, and that’s definitely a possibility. We know they’re all about twincest. But what if she’s lying? What if the father of her unborn child isn’t Jaime, but she’s using her pregnancy to manipulate her brother, nonetheless? If it’s not Jaime, then who could it be? PopSugar has a horrifying, but totally plausible, idea

The evil, maniacal Euron Greyjoy could be Cersei’s baby daddy.

If the Wights/White Walkers weren’t enough to send you running as far away from Westeros as possible, this will certainly do it.


The evidence? First and foremost, PopSugar points out that Cersei and Euron schemed behind Jaime’s back.

At the dragon pit meeting in which Dany and Jon tried to convince #TeamCersei of the threat of the Night King, Euron took off to return to the Iron Islands because the undead can’t swim and he wanted to get as far away as possible. Except that was a lie. He and Cersei had already planned for him to go to Essos to gather reinforcements, so the Lannisters could reclaim territories while #TeamDany is off fighting the Great War.

Then there’s the whole thing about Euron wanting to marry Cersei.

He wasted no time telling her that when they met at the beginning of the season, and the sexual tension was, in a word, palpable. To prove he’s worthy, he went so far to give her a “gift” in the form of Ellaria and her daughter Tyene (with Yara along for the ride). Seeing how Cersei fiercely loves her children and the “gift” allowed her to finally exact her revenge on the woman who murdered her only daughter, we’re guessing Euron got some brownie points.

And at that initial meeting, Euron also made a whole lotta fun of Jaime’s sexual relationship with Cersei. “Euron does what he does best and taunts Jaime,” the outlet details, “Asking what Cersei is into in the bedroom — so, was he just doing some market research or did he already know what Cersei was into?!”

Let’s not forget that Euron and Cersei are both pretty damn wicked.

So a partnership, Dany and Jon drama aside, makes perfect sense. And as we often hear on Game of Thrones, marriage (and babies!) is what so many alliances are built on. Also, Cersei tried to stop Jaime from leaving King’s Landing because, “Nobody walks away from me.” But did she try that hard? PopSugar writes, “She may have saved him by not allowing the Mountain to kill him, but Cersei doesn’t know when she’ll see Jaime again. On the other hand, she knows exactly where Euron’s going and when he’ll be back.”

Well, we’re thoroughly horrified at the thought of a Cersei-Euron baby, but knowing how Game of Thrones likes to destroy us emotionally, this absolutely seems within the realm of possibility.