C. Molly Smith
August 29, 2017 3:57 pm

We know Emma Roberts is returning to the American Horror Story fold (!!!) for the show’s upcoming seventh season, Cult. But, we’ve been waiting for word about who she’ll be playing exactly. Well, Murphy-verse, we have good news — news being the key word.

That’s right, Emma Roberts will play a newscaster in American Horror Story: Cult.

Ryan Murphy broke the news at a recent Cult screening in Los Angeles.

Roberts appeared in AHS Season 3, Coven, and Season 4, Freak Show. She also starred in Murphy’s horror-comedy Scream Queens. “The funny thing about this group of people that we have on [AHS], we really are like a family and I’ve created that within my company,” Murphy said of having Roberts back on AHS, adding that she took on the role as a favor and made the time between her movie schedule. “People move from show to show.”

*We’re going to go ahead and assume this is Emma in character. Hi, Serina 👋👋👋*

And that’s what Murphy likes: a fluid way of working.

“It’s really fun to work with people that way, and we really encourage all the people on our show — like, once you’re in that world — okay, if you want to go off and do something else, that’s great, but come back,” he said. “It’s happened with Jessica [Lange]. I’m sure she’ll be back one day. Kathy Bates went off to do Chuck [Lorre’s] show, [Disjointed]. She’ll come back one day, wants to come back.”

Beyond that, Murphy likes to check in with his regulars about their wish-list characters.

Which is exactly how Roberts’s role came about this season.

Ours too, Ryan! We seriously can’t wait to see Emma Roberts in American Horror Story: Cult, which premieres on FX on September 5th.