Karen Belz
Updated December 16, 2016
MGM / TheEllenShow on YouTube

When we think of Ellen, we think of dancing. And if there’s anything we need right now, it’s more dancing. Today, Ellen DeGeneres revealed her “This Holiday In Dance” video — and seriously, there are no words that can properly describe how amazing it is.

She made sure to include all the classics, like Home Alone, Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and of course, A Christmas Story. While we thought that all of these movies were flawless before, Ellen’s somewhat got a point — they’d be a little bit better with LMFAO’s famous “Party Rock Anthem.”

Watch, and just try not to dance along:

We definitely think that, yes — it should be in there.

When we round up all the dances together, we don’t know which routine is our favorite, but, there’s something about the perfectly synchronized dance by The Wet Bandits that definitely sticks out.

If anything, at least Ellen’s fun little video will make you smile a bit on this chilly December Friday! As far as getting into the Christmas spirit goes, we can never have too much material.