Johnni Macke
Updated Feb 23, 2017 @ 2:30 pm

Some people aren’t meant to fall in love. Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo opens up about Meredith and Alex’s possible romance — calling it “weird.”

Although we’re sure that a lot of people want Meredith to be happy with Alex, it might not be in the cards. In fact, the actress who has played Meredith for 13 seasons isn’t so keen on the idea.

“Justin [Chambers] is one of my favorite people on the planet,” Pompeo told E! News on the Grey’s Anatomy set. “We’re really close, and it does feel weird.”

Over the past two years, the idea of Pompeo and Justin Chambers’ characters becoming more than friends has definitely come up. Sure, they are adorable together, but maybe “just friends” is okay in this situation.

Credit: ABC

What? Kissing McDreamy seemed odd once, too? Yeah, we can’t get behind this.

Clearly, the idea of Meredith and Alex together isn’t at the top of Pompeo’s mind, but it’s not personal. The Massachusetts native doesn’t really love her character’s romantic storylines.

“The love interest part is not my favorite piece of this, I’ll be honest,” she said. “Kissing guys that aren’t your husband is, you know, a little weird. I guess it wouldn’t be if you didn’t like your husband, but I happen to be very, very fond of mine.”

Credit: ABC

Chambers is also on team friendship when it comes to Alex and Meredith on the show.

Anything is possible on this drama, and that’s why we love it!

What do you think about a Meredith and Alex relationship? Would they be good together?