Karen Belz
January 13, 2017 10:48 am

You probably know by now that Ellen starred as the lead voice in this year’s Finding Dory — but, what about her other big hit? Ellen showed a funny trailer for “The Car Wash” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, and from what we can tell, this little iPhone film about — you guessed it, a car wash — should have truly been part of the festival circuit.

It all started with a bit of Oscar talk — as we know, the Oscars will be airing in February.

Watch and see for yourself:

We totally love how dramatic DeGeneres makes it. She even (kind of) has endorsements from big names like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence.

The story was very personal to DeGeneres.

And of course, the film included notable quotes, like “I got the premium, it’s $15. I could have gotten the basic, I sprung for the premium.”

While we’re not filmmakers, the only critique we’d give is this — she should have shot the film horizontally. Just imagine how much more car wash she could have included in the frame!

Since it’s been touted as “the year’s most celebrated performance,” we’re sure there’ll be a sequel.