Credit: Hulu

The first season of The Handmaid’s Tale concluded this week, and we are buzzing hard from the jaw-dropping finale. Hulu is working hard to bring us Season 2. We have no idea when it will make its return. Luckily, Elisabeth Moss posted the coolest behind-the scene pics to help us with the wait.

Moss, who plays Offred in the series, took over the Handmaid’s Tale’s official Instagram account to share pics from filming, complete with illuminating captions. (Of course, she’s also shared a few details on her own Instagram, too.) Over the past few months, both Moss and other the Handmaid’s Tale actors have shared some behind-the-scenes looks. Here are some of our favorites.

We all recognize this gorgeous costume from Offred’s secret trips to Jezebel’s, a secret hideaway club.

Did you know that Elisabeth Moss had requested they change the dress from a high back to a low back? She mentions in her caption that the low back would enhance her character’s vulnerability. Shen also felt Commander Waterford would have wanted the Art Deco style. And yes, we love that there’s a sweet Santa in this photo.

The chemistry between Offred and Nick, Commander Waterford’s driver, really gets us. Swoon!

Aunt Lydia gives us the heebie jeebies. Ann Dowd, the actress who plays her, is a peach.

And what about the mastermind behind it all: Margaret Atwood, the author of the book?

Look at their handsome faces.

We had to slip this video in there.

Yvonne Strahovski plays the formidable Mrs. Waterford. She sure knows how to twirl!

Thank you, Elisabeth Moss.

We think her smile means there are more surprises and twists in store for our beloved Offred. We can’t wait!