Emily Baines
November 20, 2016 9:54 am

When it comes to Westworld, we’ve had far more questions than answers, lately. Yet we have one good piece of news:

That’s right, the Man in Black will return. Now, of course, we’re wondering what that all means for the show. As we’ve written before, many of us believe William and the Man in Black are the same person in different timelines. Considering last week’s big revealanything is possible. This makes us all the more nervous!

Ed Harris, at least, is very excited for his return to the show. As he told BBC Radio:

Not a fountain of information, that one. But at least it’s something! Although, it’s an ominous something, considering the Man in Black’s track record.

How can this man have once been sweet, kind William? (Though William did just cheat on his fiancée with Dolores, so…)

Remember: There are only three episodes left of Westworld.

Of course, considering the twists and turns down the rabbit hole, we aren’t exactly expecting everything to be revealed. Especially since there will be future seasons. But man, are we anxious! And we have so many questions. What happened to Elsie? Will Bernard ever figure out his history? What is the deal with Bernard’s secret meetings with Dolores? Is William the Man in Black? Why is the Man in Black so determined to find the maze? Is Arnold really dead? Who and where is Arnold?

But of course, all we can do is watch and wonder and wait for the show to reveal itself. Never has anticipation been so fun.