stranger things
Credit: Netflix

Ready for another Stranger Things fan theory? First, just know that spoilers are ahead. Spoilers that kinda-sorta mention the very end of the very last episode, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve completed the series before moving forward.

Got it? Cool. Let’s continue.

So, one thing we knew right off the bat about Stranger Things is the fact that our heroic group of pre-teens LOVES Dungeons & Dragons (also known as D&D) — we saw them play it during the first episode, and many aspects of the show are in D&D lingo. For example, the monster is compared to the “Demogorgon” and Eleven seems to have no problem communicating with the boys through the game’s board and pieces.

Now, a new theory states that the strange things Will did in the last episode are also tied to D&D.

If you recall, Will went into the bathroom, coughed up a slug, and also saw flashes of the dimension in which he was held captive:


For many viewers, their first thought was, “Will needs to find a therapist STAT, since he’s obviously going through something based on the horrific and awful things that happened to him.” But for D&D fans, it all made a little more sense.

See, Warlocks in D&D gain special powers when they’re exposed to demons.

Not only did Will spend a considerable amount of time with the Demogorgon, but he also almost suffocated from the demon’s tentacle, weirdly bringing them even closer. Fans believe that both the slug and viewing the other dimension are involved with powers he’ll likely have for the rest of his life, based on his experience in the Upside Down. So, in a way, Will’s developed powers that are similar, yet different, from the powers that Eleven has obtained.

Just like Eleven, he likely has the power to channel both dimensions — which we’re sure he’s just thrilled about.


Based on how closely the creators of the show followed D&D, and how much the game impacted the overall plot of the show, this theory is definitely plausible. If Season 2 happens to follow the same theme, it’s possible that Will’s newfound magic will definitely be expanded upon a bit more.