Emily Baines
November 20, 2016 10:11 am
BBC Children in Need/ www.youtube.com

Doctor Who has met all sorts of entities during his many adventures: queens, robots, aliens… You name it, he’s likely met them. But never before has he met a superhero. Until now. It seems that for the upcoming Christmas Special, Doctor Who will be teaming up with a superhero! That’s right, the doctor and a superhero. The folks at Comic Con should get their costumes started immediately.

We’ve been full of anxiety since Jenna Coleman left the show, with nothing to look forward to other than the Doctor Who spinoff. This is the first ray of sunshine we’ve encountered in a while, and we’re psyched.

Doctor Who is at it again!

Eeee! That’s right. That’s some sort of take on Superman. According to E! News, showrunner Steven Moffat said in a press release:

The actor who plays the superhero, Justin Chatwin, added:

It’s so refreshing to hear Doctor Who‘s witty dialogue again. We’ve gone almost an entire year without new episodes of our favorite show. It’s been far too long! This Christmas Special, however, will have to tide us over until season 10 premieres in April. Hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Remember, in Season 10 we meet a new companion: Pearl Mackie.

And while Mackie is nervous to step into a new companion’s shoes, she feels like she has the character down. When describing her audition, Mackie said:

And it looks like you will play her very, very well! If only April were here. We’d have seen the awesome new Christmas Special and get to see the new companion in action!