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We were all pretty bummed when the news of Jenna Coleman leaving Doctor Who broke last fall, but finding out that a spin-off would soon be coming gave a much needed jolt of positivity. An entire year of development later, and we now have more deets to when we can actually expect to see it!

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Once described as a mashup of ’90s series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Hunger Games, the spinoff is expected to air in the spring of 2017!

Oh, but it gets even better! As confirmed by a tweet from the show’s account, our favorite Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, will also be making an appearance in the premiere episode, entitled, For Tonight We Might Die.

Greg Austin, who plays the role of Charlie in the YA series, also shared his delight in working with Peter Capaldi in his tweet. We can only imagine how hard it was for him to keep this a secret!

As previously announced, young adult (YA) author, Patrick Ness will still be serving as the spin off’s creator and executive producer, and the cult followers couldn’t be more excited. We all know he’s going to keep the true essence of Doctor Who within the Class!

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