P. Claire Dodson
April 01, 2017 10:31 am

Beloved British television show Doctor Who, though it has spawned a rabid fandom akin to Harry Potter, is not necessarily known for its diversity. For example, so far, all twelve reincarnated doctors have been played by white, male actors – including the current doctor, Peter Capaldi. But, since Capaldi announced he’ll be leaving the show, there is more opportunity for unorthodox casting choices.

And it looks like Doctor Who has already taken a step in the right direction with its first openly gay companion.

Actress Pearl Mackie will play Bill Potts in the upcoming season of Doctor Who, which debuts April 15. WE ARE PUMPED.

This is Mackie’s biggest role to date. And Mackie has already told the BBC how important she thinks it is to have an openly gay character as a companion.

She continued, explaining how her own background informs her desire to see more diversity on TV.

And though Doctor Who has featured LGBTQ characters before (like River Song and Captain Jack Harkness), Mackie wants to make sure sexuality is not the focal point of her character.

Even though LGBTQ characters are on TV more than ever, it’s still common for showrunners to pigeonhole gay people.

It’s so crucial that representation is more than tokenizing marginalized people. LGBTQ people are more than just the acronym.

So here’s to hoping Doctor Who gets it right. If Mackie is any indication, we think they’re definitely on the right track.