We are SO excited to say that Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven spinoff is official and happening and ordered to series which in TV terms is the BEST NEWS EVER.

The show will be called Raven’s Home, and will star not just Raven, obvi, but also her That’s So Raven BFF Anneliese van der Pol, aka Chelsea. We figured some of the original cast would be making an appearance, in addition to the new cast who will be playing Raven and Chelsea’s kids, but we didn’t think we’d get so lucky as to have another series regular from That’s So Raven.

Raven’s Home will be about Raven and Chelsea, both divorced single mothers, raising their kids together in the same home and WOW has there ever been a more exciting premise for a show?

First of all, those of us who grew up with single mothers know that it’s difficult to find a portrayal of that relationship in media that feels real, or is developed, if you can find it at all. So it’s SUPER exciting to get a show centered around two single mothers on the Disney Channel — it’s amazing to think of all the kids in single parent households who will get to grow up with a show with a family dynamic similar to theirs.

Second of all, obvi one of Raven’s kids shows signs of having inherited her psychic powers. So we’re expecting all of the zany hijinks we got in the original.

Basically, between Raven’s Home and Girl Meets World (RIP), Disney Channel will continue to own us for a long, long time.