Stephanie Hallett
March 30, 2017 1:48 pm

The show just celebrated its 20th anniversary and fans are chomping at the bit for a reboot, but it looks like a revival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is… unlikely. *Cue sobbing*

During a recent roundtable with Entertainment Weekly for the magazine’s Buffy anniversary issue, the cast spoke about whether a series revival was in the cards. While stars like Spike actor James Marsters and show creator Joss Whedon appear to be on board, the slayer herself — Sarah Michelle Gellar — seems to be firmly in the “no revival” camp, and we’re pretty darn heartbroken about it. What’s Buffy without, well, Buffy?

Whedon, on the other hand, said he’s been pursing the idea of a Buffy reboot and thinks that following the characters’ struggles and triumphs through adulthood could be powerful.

All jokes aside, we do think a Buffy revival could be powerful right now. We’d love to see how the gang contends with issues like workplace sexism, anti-LGBTQ lawmaking, and our current political climate.

But, as Gellar has said firmly on more than one occasion, she doesn’t think a reboot needs to happen. In January, she told The Hollywood Reporter, “With high school and college as a backdrop, we were able to address racism, identity, bullying, guilt, death, first love, and heartbreak using the demons as metaphors for the demons we all experience. I am not sure how that translates into adulthood, although I am sure it could.”

We understand where you’re coming from, Sarah, but we still *hope* you might reconsider! #Buffy4Life