diane keaton jessica chastain
Credit: BBC

We all know that part of being an actor is making out with your costars. And Diane Keaton and Jessica Chastain’s movie makeout is one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

Let’s backtrack for a minute. Celebs tend to showboat when they guest on talk shows. It’s awesome and we wouldn’t have it any other way. One of the showboatiest talk show moves we’ve seen in a while came this week from our much beloved Diane Keaton, who went on The Graham Norton Show to sing the praises of on-screen kissing.

Then Diane Keaton went ahead and kissed, um, basically everybody on screen.

(For the record, that would be host Graham Norton and fellow guests Kevin Bacon and Jessica Chastain.)

As Keaton explained to Norton:

After explaining that she considered kissing a “friendly gesture,” Keaton then offered her smooching services to Graham Norton.

Credit: BBC

Norton gave the smooch a super-positive review:

Next, Keaton moved on to Mr. Bacon.

Credit: BBC

Bacon also gave Keaton’s kissing skills a solid review with a big thumbs up and a (very saucily) mouthed “Yes.”

Then, obviously, it was Jessica Chastain’s turn, and Chastain literally started dancing she was so excited. After getting some awesome compliments from Keaton about her nose, Chastain got her smooch on.

Credit: BBC

Kevin Bacon then said what we were all thinking.

May we all one day be so privileged as to be smooched by Ms. Keaton.