Credit: NBC

David S. Pumpkins made a surprise return on last night’s Saturday Night Live, and boy did he delight us once more. If you’re not familiar with the original David S. Pumpkins sketch, you might be living under a rock! He took over our hearts last fall, and we haven’t been the same since.

Cue last night’s SNL, hosted by America’s muscly sweetheart, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A pre-taped video sketch called “Rap Song” started out as just another hilarious bit. We watched as cast members kept popping up to join in on the fictional rap track, with Kenan Thompson getting more and more annoyed at all the new additions. Johnson walked in and insisted that all the rappers get to stay on the track, including…

Yes, the glorious cameo return of David S. Pumpkins. Just watch, and wait for it. You won’t be disappointed.

David S. Pumpkins (he can only be referred to by his full name, obviously) is reinventing himself as David S. PIMPKINS, a stellar MC who’s been invited to the year’s hottest (and largest) rap crew. He even has The Rock vouching for him! How could anyone possible resist his gourdy magic?

Would we watch an actual rap video featuring David S. Pimpkins? Yes. Would we buy his song on iTunes? Yes. Could David S. Pimpkins be this world’s next great MC? Obviously, he can do anything he wants to. But the truth is, maybe it’s better that we only get to see him in small doses. It makes his surprise appearances that much sweeter. We didn’t even know we needed that this week, but thank god for him.

And who knows? Maybe when The Rock runs for president with Tom Hanks as his running mate (as referenced in the opening monologue last night), Tom will stay in character at all their campaign stops. Crazier things have happened in our politics.

Now, any questions?