Kenya Foy
Updated Jul 28, 2016 @ 10:45 am
dave cara james
Credit: CBS

We already know Cara Delevingne’s got skills on the runway and the big screen, plus she can perform some particularly impressive tricks with her eyebrows. But who knew Cara has battle rap skills as well? The model-turned-actress and Dave Franco stopped by The Late, Late Show With James Corden to battle the host in a round of Drop the Mic and let’s just say Delevingne’s envy-inducing brows weren’t the only things slaying the scene.

Corden got first dibs on the mic and true to form, he didn’t take it easy on his guests. First he went in on Franco with a diss that took aim at the actor’s popularity.

“Don’t worry, there’s still time, you’ll be discovered / But I’m pretty sure we actually meant to book your brother,” Corden rapped.

He then set his sights on Delevingne’s movie credits, rapping “It’s Cara Delevingne from Paper Towns / I wish someone dropped a match and burned that movie down.”

Just when Corden thought he had sufficiently owned Delevingne, she hit him where it hurts.

“I’ve never heard a better reason for me to act / I see them now, the headlines about me / Cara Delevingne, the woman who saved late-night TV.”

Yeah, we totally felt that burn. While Corden tried to recover from Delevingne’s lyrical ass-kicking, Franco took his turn on the mic and — brace yourself, guys — he came for the beloved brows.

He rapped, “Cara Delevingne, part of Taylor Swift’s scene/Well, here’s some ‘Bad Blood’ if you think I’m being mean/’Cause you think that you’re an actor in movies right now/Tried to hide an accent thicker than your eyebrows.”

Wait, WUT?! We know this was all fun and games Dave, but you have to chill with the brutal eyebrow slander, capisce?!

Watch the full battle below: