Rachel Paige
Updated June 17, 2016 8:41 am

Ladies and gentlemen, Varys has left Meereen. Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones!

During last Sunday’s “No One,” Varys and Tyrion had one of their usual walk-and-talk conversations, as they strolled through the streets of the city. Turns out, Varys had a destination in mind, and was actually getting ready to board a ship and sail away from Meereen. He departs Tyrion, and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Meeren is later attacked by the Masters, and yes, Dany suddenly shows up back with a dragon in tow, but it might be too little too late. The city is going to need a miracle (…or for another Game of Thrones duo to show up *cough* Yara and Theon *cough*) to save it, and this situation is weird. It’s not weird that Meereen is attacked, because that’s happened before and it’ll happen again. It’s weird that Varys didn’t know Meereen was going to be attacked.

It’s a little too convenient that he leaves the city shortly before it sets on FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

As Reddit user Ariskov points out, Varys is a known super spy master. He knows things before they happen. He knows things before others even THINK they know things. It’s very strange that a surprise attack was launched on Meereen and he knew nothing about it — or maybe he did, and that’s why he got the hell out of dodge.

[Dany’s] fleet burning is quickly attributed to slave owners, which does not make much sense,” Ariskov writes. “They know she wants to conquer Westeros, and they know it is in their best interest that she leaves. Destroying the means of transportation of [Dany] and making sure that she stays at Slaver’s Bay longer doesn’t make sense. It makes sense for someone who doesn’t want [Dany] to leave for conquest soon.”

For your TL;DR, Ariskov is very much suggesting that Varys planned the attack on Dany. WHY? Because he doesn’t want her to sit on the Iron Throne, so he doesn’t want her to leave Meereen and get anywhere near it. Though Varys has pledged his alliance to Dany in the past, as Ariskov notes, he “repeatedly says that he serve the realm. He ignores all kinds of right to rule, names, laws and only keeps the peace&interest of the realm as the sole criterion. It doesnt sound right that he would help a vengeful conqueror.”

Remember a few episodes back, during “The Door,” when Kinvara the Red Priestess comes to visit Varys and Tyrion? Varys wants to brush her off, but then she starts talking about some very specific things from his past (namely, that he once heard a “voice in the flame”). This completely shifts Varys view of her, and suddenly he’s spooked. It might have been the jolt he needed to abandon Dany as the prophesied Prince that was Promised and leave her — and also make sure that she can’t leave Meereen. He serves at the realm, and that doesn’t mean he serves Dany.

Weird, twisted, and crazy?? Yes. Varys, what the heck are you up to?