Alyssa Thorne
October 06, 2017 3:13 pm

Doyle’s come a long way from his days as an over-achieving Yale reporter — now he’s producing his own show!

Of course, this isn’t the first rodeo for Danny Strong, who played Paris Geller’s love interest on Gilmore Girls.

In addition to his standout acting career, he’s been executive producing and writing lil’ shows like, y’know, Empire — which he and Lee Daniels co-created. Talk about multi-talented! Strong’s latest foray is a medical mystery show for Fox called Strange Conditions. Although it’s not officially a series yet, the network did give it a pilot commitment, so it’s moving in that direction!

Here’s a quick summary of the premise via Variety. It’s sparse on the details, but we’re definitely intrigued!

This also isn’t Danny Strong’s only project for Fox.

In addition to keeping Empire going (it’s now in Season 4!), the network is also developing legal dramas called The Midnight Lawyer and Infamy with Strong. We want to know a looooot more about these shows, but honestly, our main question right now is when does Danny Strong sleep? And how do we reach this level of success and productivity? It’s a little crazy to consider how much he’s accomplished across so many different parts of entertainment.

You go, Danny Strong. We’re definitely going to be keeping an eye out for news on Strange Conditions, and for, like, Danny Strong’s run for president. He must be qualified at this point, right?