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Things are heating up in Bachelor in Paradise, and, more than usual, people are seriously coupled up. Though they hit a bit of a rough patch this week, Lace and Grant are still strong. Of course, there’s Amanda and Josh, who continue making kissy sounds. Caila and Jared are still together, despite Ashley I.’s best efforts, and Nick and Jen seem happy. Probably most surprising is Carly and Evan, who are really strong after a rocky start. That leaves only a few guys not knowing if they would be going home, and they needed to get creative about getting a rose.

One of those guys is our favorite Canadian, Daniel.

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Yep, syrup swilling, Speedo-wearing Daniel was one of the guys on the chopping block, and we’re not surprised. While Daniel is tons of fun, he’s not really the type we could see in a relationship. This week in Paradise, the women were handing out the roses, so Daniel needed to get into the good graces of a lady if he wanted to stay on the show.

Daniel started by tempting Haley, a Vegas girl, with fried foods.

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Daniel brought a huge tray of chicken nuggets, fries and onion rings to win Haley over, and we thought it was so cute. If a guy brought us a plate like that, it would definitely warm our hearts. Unfortunately, Haley and Emily both decided to leave Paradise, because they still haven’t made a serious romantic connection.

Next, Daniel went over to Izzy, and brought her something he knew she’d like.

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Daniel said, “I know Izzy likes guys who like lamps.” Izzy recently connected with Brett, who called back to his unusual entrance on The Bachelorette by bringing a lamp when he entered Paradise. Izzy was immediately smitten, though it was more about his face and less about the lamp, but you can’t blame Daniel for trying.

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Daniel thought he’d do the same to charm Izzy, and it definitely did. She was giggling and joining in on the joke. But it still wasn’t enough to tempt her away from Brett, and it was Brett who ended up getting her rose, so Daniel was sent home.

We thought Daniel’s attempts were totally #adorbs.

But it wasn’t enough to keep him around, so Daniel will just have to take his maple leaf Speedo somewhere else.