Kit Steinkellner
August 20, 2016 9:46 am

Poor Dan Walker. The BBC News reporter was on Olympics duty, reporting at night from a beach in Rio, trying to throw it back to the live basketball coverage when social media started blowing up with questions regarding what was happening in the background of Dan’s shot, because, um, it pretty much looked like two people having sex.

“We’re not going to zoom in,” Walker firmly told the internet lookie-loos before he gamely started trying to come up with an explanation regarding what this obvious beach sex could alternatively be.

“Rest assured, it’s not that, it’s just a hug,” Walker lamely offered.


Clearly not satisfied with that explanation, Walker proceeds onto Theory Number 2.

“They’re reading a book. Apparently, they are reading a book. They are reading a book in a strange pose. Okay? It’s merely a book. We’ll find out what the book is, maybe, later on.”

Warner Bros. Television /

After fumbling through this elaborate book lie that, awkwardness-wise, feels on par with the time Brother Bear and Sister Bear told their mom it wasn’t them playing soccer inside the house that knocked over the lamp, but rather “a big purple bird with yellow feet,” Walker decided to get the heck out of this uncomfortable situation.

“So, we’re not going to go any closer than that, then. Some live basketball for you!”

Oh Dan, sweet Dan, you did your best. Watch the gloriously awkward clip below: