If you’ve finished binging all of Netflix’s Season 2 of The Crown, you know the royal drama is still alive and well in Buckingham Palace. There are way more long, lingering looks! More racquetball! More fancy dinners with dignitaries! More royal corgis! And also, more sex. We see Queen Elizabeth and Philip together in bed at the start of the season, but things don’t really start getting steamy till Princess Margaret meets Anthony “Tony” Armstrong-Jones.

While the two do enter into an intimate relationship — and oh boy, let’s not even get started on their first rendezvous, where Tony literally just takes her picture for half the episodes — the show had actually planned a true sex scene for the two of them. However, it was cut, and the explanation why is pretty reasonable.

At a Netflix press day, Vanessa Kirby, who plays Margaret on the show (and sadly has to vacate the role next season when The Crown jumps even further into the future), talked about bringing Tony (played by Matthew Goode) into the mix, and revealed that there was an actual debate over how much royal nudity was too much royal nudity. In the end: No royal nudity.

However, in the end the scene was cut, and we got no passionate scene between Margaret and Tony. Instead, we just got passionate motorcycle rides around London, and hey, we’ll take it.