Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Rebecca Bunch, the titular heroine of the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is the kind of complex female character that we don’t see on TV very often.

Played by the hilarious and Golden Globe-winning Rachel Bloom, Rebecca is a super-accomplished, Harvard-educated lawyer, who seems to have it all in the career department. Meanwhile, her personal life is a bit of a shitshow, thanks to her obsession with her long-lost childhood sweetheart. What kind of person moves across country to be near her ex after a single brief run-in on a street corner decades after they broke up? (Answer: Rebecca!)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a way of turning tired, sexist tropes on their head and holding a magnifying glass up to how society uses the label “crazy” when referring to women in relationships. And yes, Rebecca sometimes acts totally loony tunes, but she’s also one hundred percent relatable.

Here are the six times when we’ve felt like Rebecca Bunch.

1When everyone around her is better at yoga

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

If you’ve ever shown up to a workout class and have found yourself in a room full of hard-core exercisers who made you want to hide in the back, then Rebecca’s experience attending Valencia’s yoga class will feel familiar. She wears a Harvard tee and loose black pants and attempts to do sun salutations, while everyone else is dressed in itty-bitty body-hugging yoga outfits and does advanced poses around her.

2When she spends hours getting ready for a first date

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

The “Sexy Getting Ready Song” from the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may be what made us first love the show. The parts where she tries to wax herself and struggles to put on the Spanx made us grimace and knowingly shake our heads at the same time.

3When she’s worried no one will come to her party

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Anyone who has ever moved to a new town can relate to Rebecca’s desire to throw a housewarming party and her fear that no one will show up. Sure, you may not have gone to the lengths that Rebecca did and actually hand out flyers to strangers, but we’ve definitely hit up old acquaintances that we might not have otherwise when faced with a drought of besties.

4When her friendship with Paula has its ups and downs

Drifting away from old friends is something nearly everyone goes through once they become adults, and this happens to Rebecca too. She and Paula initially bond over Rebecca’s obsession with Josh, but once Rebecca moves on, so does her relationship with Paula. In the “Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?” episode, Paula accuses Rebecca of never being there for her, and the two have an awkward and too-real conversation about the status of their friendship.

5When she online-stalked Josh’s new girlfriend

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

It may not be our proudest moment, but looking up an ex on Facebook and trying to figure out who the new person is in their profile pic is something we can relate to. Granted, we’ve never physically showed up at their place of work, but leave it Rebecca to always take things to the next level.

6When she unexpectedly runs into Josh and Valencia

The occasion when you run to the grocery store sans makeup and a bra will always be the same occasion when you bump into the most important person in your life. It’s Murphy’s Law, and we’re glad that we’re not the only ones this has happened to!