Heather Mason
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 5:46 pm

The cast of Riverdale hit San Diego Comic-Con for a panel, press, and even a special live performance. We got a chance to chat with Jughead Jones himself, Cole Sprouse, at the annual convention, and he mentioned a moment in Season 1 he thinks would’ve been a perfect fit for some Radiohead.

Riverdale is a very musical show. From Archie’s love of music to The Pussycats’ performances, there’s no denying the role music plays in the show. At SDCC, Sprouse was asked if there was any song he’d love to see used in Riverdale in some way. And he had a very specific answer.

Do you remember the moment he’s talking about? When Betty decided to throw Jughead a surprise party (even though he said he didn’t want one). He understandably gets upset and explains to Betty just how different they are, saying:

Now, just imagine the DJ putting “Creep” on during the scene, and it totally fits. Especially when he gets angry at Betty. Here’s the song and scene in case you wanna sync them both up and jam:

Season 1 was full of Bughead drama, but what drama does Season 2 of Riverdale hold for the pair? We’ll find out when the show returns October 11th on The CW.