Karen Belz
April 13, 2017 7:57 am
NBC / Saturday Night Live / www.youtube.com

When we heard that Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles would be on SNL together, we knew it’d be a good show. But after seeing the promos, we’re pretty certain that this Saturday is going to be flawless. Not only is Fallon a veteran of the show, but he happens to host some of the best episodes to date. And Styles? Well, as the promos prove, he’s having a darn good time with all of this.

Not only will it be a great show, but it’ll also be historical.

This is the first SNL episode that’ll be live on both coasts. That’s kind of huge, and Fallon is the perfect individual to help introduce the change-over.

The big news is definitely mentioned in these goofy and fun promos, which are a must-see.

If anything, it just makes us want to hang out with Fallon and Styles. They have such incredible chemistry, so we’re hoping that Styles — who is the musical guest — pops into a sketch or two.

Oh, and Styles cracking up and not being able to same his name correctly? Yeah, that was adorable.

This appearance is timed perfectly for Styles, who just announced his very first solo album since One Direction disbanded. It’s been reported that one of the songs he’ll be playing on the show is “Sign of the Times,” which is already a fan fave.

We seriously can’t wait for Saturday.