Rachel Paige
June 10, 2016 5:30 pm

Hopefully your intercept will be able to process what you’re about to see, but it might simply be too good. Zachary Levi and Matt Bomer reunited for an adorable Chuck reunion, and no one was shot at, or set off an explosion, or fell out of a building!! All things that used to happen on Chuck when these two were together.

Levi is currently starring in the new Broadway show, She Loves Me, where he sings and dances like a pro. Obviously his friends (and fans, too) are rushing out to see the show, and Levi posted to Twitter that Bomer checked out the play last night.

The caption might make you do a quick double-read. Calling Bomer his “former Stanford roommate,” Levi thanks him for coming to the show — and it’s also a great joke, because on Chuck, Levi and Bomer were roommates, and Bomer’s Bryce got Levi’s Chuck kicked out of Stanford, and then also sent him a top-secret government computer that he accidentally downloaded into his brain…

FYI, all of Chuck is on Netflix. BRB, because now we know exactly what we’re going to start re-binging.