Sammy Nickalls
June 21, 2016 2:41 pm
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Our love for Chris Pratt knows no bounds. And now, it’s our favorite superhero’s birthday! Today, Chris turned 37, and in honor of his beautiful self, we’re remembering the best moments from one of his most stellar characters: Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation.

Here are all the moments when Chris Pratt / Andy warmed our hearts in a way only he truly can.

1. When he asked the important questions.

2. When he was really, *really* honest.

3. When he handled hard situations exactly how we all do.

4. When he, um, almost got common sayings right.

5. When he crafted the ultimate mantra for all of us.

6. When he was the *actual* best “FBI agent.”

7. When he was enthusiastic about everything he did.

8. When he wasn’t afraid to show his love.

9. When he proved his intelligence, time and time again.

10. When he. . . uh, did this.

11. When he had math on his side.

12. When he thought outside of the box.

13. When he *totally* understood how the internet works.

14. When he wasn’t afraid to ~express himself~.

15. When he wasn’t afraid to have standards.

16. When he had EXCELLENT taste.

17. And when he wasn’t afraid to bare his heart, in his own Andy way.

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Happy birthday, Chris. We love you!