Kate Moss
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The ’90s were an iconic time, especially for fashion. The height of the fashion designer and the supermodel, the era elevated some of our favorites to icon status — including Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen. The decade was both evocative and revolutionary for the fashion set, helping shape some of the most influential voices in the industry as well as trends for seasons to come.

Champagne Supernovas, which was published in 2014, aimed to capture this essence, and now, it’s being adapted for television. The book is pretty salacious, choosing not to interview any of the subjects, which includes Moss, Jacobs, and McQueen, and instead opted to interview those who knew and worked with them. In other words, this will be some seriously juicy television.

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Johnny Lin and Ben Shields Catlin will be developing and producing the show, though a run date hasn’t been announced. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ben says,

While we’re not sure if the television show will be based on fact or fiction, we’re excited to see some drama from our favorite icons in a new way.

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We’re already imagining the costumes, the drama, the club scenes…and we cannot wait.