Emily Baines
May 19, 2016 5:47 pm

When we think of our beloved Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone, we see them as they are now: glamorous, well lit, perfectly coiffed. But before they were famous, our favorite celebrities appeared on television shows in bit parts — and they were rarely glamorous. Below is a list of 10 celebrities’ surprising first television roles.

J.Law’s big break was on the Monk episode “Mr. Monk and the Big Game” in 2006. Of course, we can barely see her in the episode — she’s in a mascot costume for most of the show!

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Emma Stone on Medium

Before Emma Stone catapulted to fame for Easy A and Superbad, she had a myriad of roles on television. Her first was in 2005, as Cynthia McCallister on Medium.

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Leonardo DiCaprio on The New Lassie

Before he was dating models and winning critical acclaim, Leo was a 15-year-old sidekick named Glen on the 1989 show The New Lassie.

TV Land

Amy Schumer on 30 Rock

The perfect first TV gig for our favorite comedienne! Amy Schumer can be seen portraying Tina Fey’s hairstylist in the episode “Mamma Mia.” As if we didn’t love that show enough.

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Brad Pitt on Dallas

Brad Pitt has always been a heart throb — even in his first television appearance, as Jenna’s boyfriend Randy in an 1987 episode of Dallas.


Bradley Cooper on Sex and the City

Even back in 1999, Cooper was a hot commodity. He played Carrie Bradshaw’s hookup Jake on the episode They Shoot Single People, Don’t They.


Aaron Paul on Beverly Hills 90210

Before Aaron Paul became famous for his role as Jesse on Breaking Bad, Paul played a myriad of smaller television roles, including that of terrible high school actor Chad.


Zooey Deschanel on Veronica’s Closet

Before Zooey had her own TV show, she guest-starred in her first speaking role ever on a 1998 episode of Veronica’s Closet. In the role of a shy little sister in the “Big Sister, Little Sister” program, Deschanel is charming!

Selena Gomez on Barney and Friends

At just seven years old, Gomez was captivating audiences on the show Barney and Friends. We loved her then, and we love her now.

PBS / HIT Entertainment

Chris Hemsworth on Guinevere Jones

It seems Chris Hemsworth was one of those celebrities born to play royalty. Before he was Thor, Hemsworth’s first role was of young King Arthur on the Canadian-Australian fantasy series Guinevere Jones. From Camelot to Asgard — not a bad deal.

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