Sometimes the only thing that could possibly brighten a cold winter’s day, is a marching band of animated cats. I’m so so serious. If you’re looking for an impossibly cute video to spread a little sunshine then look no further than the Mitchiri Neko marching cat band!

Only 10 seconds into Mirchiri Neko’s cat marching band video you’ll start to experience the side effect of uncontrollable squeals. These teeny candy-colored cats are exactly what our cat-loving hearts need on these February days. So yes, adorable animation, plus calming yet bouncy music, will pretty fully soothe your mind and your spirit.

The more you watch the video, the more variety you begin to notice in the way each cat critter performs, or doesn’t! Swoon for all of them, they are a delight.

With over 3,100,00 hits and counting, the video has been around for a while but it is never a bad day to bring up a vid so classic. The video originally went viral across Twitter and Tumblr, and there are even apps dedicated to breeding and taking care of the faux kitties — unfortunately the apps are only available in Japanese at the moment but have no fear; there’s a full English guide available!

Also, for the record, Mitchiro Neko isn’t a person, it’s a comic, a game and an app based out of Japan.

The apps have been around since 2013, but (as we said) are timeless. Plus they were in a recent Game Grumps video which gave them a little street cred. This video was produced by LTD DC Archives, and if you take a look through their YouTube channel you can see an avalanche of adorable shorts; from a fantasy RPG match to a super secret agent mission, you don’t even need to be able to read Japanese to enjoy them!

So turn off your nagging cellphone, close that stressful conversation on Facebook, and relax with some musical cats!


[Images Via Youtube]