Scarlet Meyer
September 17, 2016 10:50 am

Game of Thrones fans rejoice! We’ve just learned about a major tip that could mean a lot for an awesome new battle in the upcoming season! So for anyone who wants to avoid spoilers now would be a great time to click on a different article.

According to the aptly named website Watchers on the Wall, (who got this awesome information from the also perfectly-named Spanish language site Los Siete Reinos), there was recently an open casting call for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. Reportedly over 8,000 people showed up, but only 450 made the final cut.

If Game of Thrones is currently shooting scenes with the lots of Unsullied extras, that probably means a big battle with our favorite commander Daenerys Taragareyn at the helm.

Horses, of course, mean Dothraki, who as we know are currently heading to Westeros on sailboats with Daenerys and Varys. Which also means that there will dragons! So far, that adds up to a battle with the Unsullied, horses, and dragons. And since they’re heading to land, we might be able to assume that they could be going head to head with Cersei, who we learned last season will not give up her power easily.

So all of that points to what could possibly be the most epic battle in the entire series!

And we already saw a small glimpse into Daenerys getting business done during the “Battle of the Bastards” episode last season, so we can only imagine how insane an all-out war will be with all the heat she’s currently bringing.

Needless to say we are freaking out right now! Of course, we won’t know all the details for sure until the season airs, but all of this new information is hinting at what is going to be an incredible battle and an even more incredible season of the series. We seriously cannot wait to see it!