In the age of the internet, it seems like every day we get a reunion or long lost episode, or even just new insight, into shows we grew up with. Now, we have alternate opening credits for Sex and the City, and we’re SHOCKED and APPALLED because Carrie isn’t wearing her iconic tutu that we all spent most of our lives wishing we were cool and eccentric enough to pull off.

It also never really occurred to us that there were alternate opening credits for TV shows, but now that we know this exists for Sex and the City, we’re hoping that, like, every show ever shares with us the credits that could’ve been because that is exactly what we want to spend all of our free time watching.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Sex and the City creator Darren Starr explained:

Check out the title credits that never were below!

Carrie’s tutu immediately became an iconic look for her character, so it’s weird to think there’s probably a bubble universe somewhere that it isn’t. Even cooler than seeing the Carrie-that-might-have-been was finding out the thought process behind her tutu:

We’re SO glad the tutu won out, even though we loved seeing these credits.