Rachel Paige
June 02, 2016 11:04 am

THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. But if you’ve managed to somehow avoid all major plot points from the Game of Thrones episode, “The Door,” you deserve a medal.

In the weeks since the events of “The Door,” we’ve found ourselves crying every time we come across a door, and we cry even HARDER every time someone actually holds the door for us. It’s been an interesting two weeks. At least in this time of utter sadness, we’ve found time to reflect on how much we loved Hodor. We’ve even found some clever ways to honor his memory.

You’ve probably seen Hodor doorstops floating around the internet. They’re hilarious (after we stop crying). But did you know you can actually BUY a Hodor doorstop? Yes. If you’re looking for Hodor to hold a door, just for you, it can be purchased for the small price of $25.

If you navigate over to the Hodorstop you will find your very own Hodor doorstop. There’s no fuss, no frills, just a piece of wood carved out to spell HODOR (with little Hodors etched into it), and sawed at an incline so you can push it under your favorite (or, least favorite) door.

I’m just a guy sitting in Tucson, AZ,” the website explains. “I’ve got some woodworking tools, a laser cutter, and too much time on my hands.”

This abundance of time is exactly what we’re looking for in a finely crafted Hodor doorstop. Admit that this is the most impressive Hodor doorstop you’ve ever seen. And no, you couldn’t make this yourself, because do YOU have a laser cutter just kicking around (maybe you do, IDK).

You can snag one Hodor doorstop for $25, or two for $40. It is made of weirwood Aromatic Cedar and “and guaranteed to hold the door as long or longer than Hodor.”

BRB, first grabbing a tissue to wipe away my tears, and then adding all of these to a shopping cart.