With the influx of reboots and reunion shows in the works, it feels like all our favorite characters from yesteryear have a chance at coming back. That, of course, includes our beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the rest of the Scooby Gang in Sunnydale. Since the show went off the air back in 2003, there have been LOTS of rumors about an actual spin-off happening with the show, but then Joss Whedon got super busy (blame the Avengers). Now that he’s stepped away from those heroes, though, could he return to the Buffyverse?

He could, DUH. And we want that. But the rumored spin-off was supposed to focus on Giles, and Anthony Head isn’t so sure that it would work nowadays.

This (really good) rumored spin-off first came up after the show ended, with a great, big, beautiful idea involving a Giles hunting ghosts and it would have been AWESOME. Head was totally on board with it, too. However, after delays and set backs, the show never happened. Head never gave up hope, though, and recently brought up the idea of a spin-off to The Guardian. It was then the folks at Digital Spy who asked the real, hard hitting questions like: COULD THIS STILL COME TRUE?

Have hope, it still could happen. The story of Buffy still lives on in the (completely cannon) comics, and Head would still be game to reprise his role. But…

“I’d have to play a 60-year-old or an 80-year-old, do you know what I mean?” he told Digital Spy. “That’s not quite fun! I suppose we could something with CGI!”

A LOT could be done with CGI, or the storyline could go back in time a little bit when Giles is not 80 years old. Or literally anything else Head cooks up with Whedon. Head comments that he doesn’t know what “[Whedon’s] got on at the minute,” so maybe he is secretly tucked away, writing some sort of awesome Giles ghost hunting adventure. A Buffy spin-off is still not out of the question, even if we do get an older Giles. I imagine he can kick butt at any age. So until then, we wait.

(Image via 20th Century Fox Television.)