Credit: David Dettmann/Netflix

It’s been a few weeks since Season 3 of Black Mirror landed on Netflix, and maybe you’re still reeling from what is arguably one of the best episodes of the series, “Nosedive.” It stars Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie, a woman completely obsessed with social media. And sure, you might be obsessed with social media, but we don’t live in Lacie’s futuristic world: Everyone, everywhere, is graded on a rating system of ~likes~ and five stars. Obviously you want to be a five-star human, and if you dip below a certain rating, well…

We won’t spoil it for you (and you should go ahead and watch the episode, and watch it right here), but let’s just say that we’re looking at our phones in a whole new light since experiencing “Nosedive.” Turns out, so is Bryce, who didn’t even realize she was *living* it for a while.

No, she’s not on any sort of rating scale and we don’t have to worry about her crashing any weddings anytime soon. Rather, her phone sounds like the rating system, and OMG NO BRYCE NO.

Talking to Bryce about the upcoming DVD release of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, we couldn’t help but ask her about Black Mirror. IRL the other day, I actually heard the ~downgrade~ noise and I was like “OMG NO STOP WHAT DID I DO.” Bryce thought this was great, and that’s when she dropped her own confession:

“You know, what I didn’t actually realize it, but my friend pointed it out after Black Mirror, but my own phone sounds like the the ‘ding’ that you get when you get a rating,” She laughs. “Every single time it would happen [my friends] would shiver, so I definitely need to change my phone.”

Bryce isn’t totally opposed to the noise, though. “I feel like there’s maybe a justification to petition for there to be, an I don’t know, a sound release that is exactly that rating system.”

That sounds cool and all, but no way in hell we’re ready for the phones from the “Nosedive” future. NOT YET.