Emily Baines
Updated Jul 29, 2016 @ 10:39 am
colbert broad city
Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert has been on fire this presidential election, and he’s taken a step forward by going back in time and talking to the women of 1776 on the eve of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Of course, these women (identified as” Josephine Hindley” and “Abatha Whitmore”) just happen to look a great deal like Broad City‘s Abbi and Ilana. And the results are hilarious:

“You hear that, Ben Franklin? Women are on top,” Ilana called to the man off-camera when she learns the news. “And not just your French whores!”

The women celebrated, excited that there was a female president in 1816. Colbert quickly clarified that he was calling from 2016, not 1816, and there was no female president yet, just a female nominee.

“What the butter is wrong with all of you people? Why did it take so long?” Abbi demanded. “It’s right there in the Declaration of Independence: ‘All men are created -’ Ahhhh.”

“You know that was supposed to mean ‘all people,’ right?” Ilana asked.

“Well, we figured it out eventually,” Colbert acknowledged.

But it sure took a heck of a long time. Congratulations to Hillary Clinton, and we’re so glad to give the women of 1776 some piece of mind that at least hundreds of years later, a woman has a chance of leading the country.