Alyssa Thorne
Updated February 07, 2017

IF YOU AREN’T CAUGHT UP ON JANE THE VIRGIN, STOP READING NOW. Seriously, even if you’re generally okay with spoilers, now is not the time to let one through. We understand our articles are your life’s blood, so if you must, pause here, watch the episode, and then come back to us because this is not something you want a friend to text you about assuming you’ve already seen the episode. Not that any of us found out that way. COUGH. Anyway, final warning: Avert thine eyes now, or risk never ending misery without the comfort of context. This is not a drill.

Apparently, the night Michael’s death was filmed, Brett Dier, aka Michael himself, left the following video on Gina Rodriguez’s phone, and we’re actually going to have a sympathy death any minute now. That’s totally a thing.

Her caption read:

YOU ARE SO MISSED, MICHAEL. Even those of us who are firmly #TeamRafael and so maaaybe have some newfound hope for a previously doomed ‘ship are mourning. Like, yikes. The part where he says, “I want to watch this video when I’m 70” literally reached out of the Instagram and ripped our hearts out of our chests.

Brett Dier also shared a lovely tweet commemorating his time on Jane the Virgin, and god, we’re so sad.


Is is inappropriate to host a funeral for a beloved TV character? Because we’re, like, gonna regardless.