Bradleigh-Ann Walker
November 25, 2016 11:41 am
Disney Channel

Nostalgia alert! Thanks to E! Online’s sleuthing skills, we just learned that the Boy Meets World house is actually up for sale, and the ’90s kids inside us are trying not to majorly freak out. The interior of the house doesn’t match what we saw on TV during the show’s run — those were filmed inside a studio – but the house was used for the exterior shots.

The home is located Studio City, according to its Trulia listing, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and was built back in 1940.

Slight bummer here, though — we’re not sure we can scrape enough together for the $1,595,000 list price. Yes, 1.5 million. Realistically, I guess we won’t be able to buy it and recreate our favorite Boy Meets World scenes after all.

We can still dream, though, guys.

 At least we have our Boy Meets World memories to live off of, not to mention Girl Meets World on Disney Channel to keep us from completely losing our minds in nostalgia.

Disney Channel

“Cory is the same. Still funny, still neurotic, still sweet, still likes cake. It’s a show that I’m proud of,” Ben Savage told People about his much-beloved character’s role in the Boy Meets World spinoff earlier this year.

Our poor fangirl hearts cannot handle it.

To the future owners of that house — we’re totally coming over for dinner. No question about it.