Netflix is slowly releasing episode trailers for Season 4 of Charlie Brooker’s groundbreaking anthology series, Black Mirror, and this latest trailer has us questioning everything. Starring Kiran Sonia Sawar, Andrea Riseborough, and Andrew Gower, “Crocodile” follows a memory export of sorts who uses a mysterious machine to access memories in the wake of a car accident.

But if there’s one thing we’ve come to learn, it’s that we can’t necessarily trust Black Mirror so we have a feeling we’re not getting the full picture.

Brooker recently revealed that the ominously titled episode has been throwing fans for a loop but it may not have anything to do with the episode whatsoever, adding that the episode is a bit of a thriller.

“Private stuff is private stuff.” What does that even mean and why do we feel threatened by it? We definitely get the sense that this episode is all about memories and privacy — and lack thereof.

The trailer for “Crocodile” comes just days after Netflix released the trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed episode, “Arkangel” about parents and the growing dependence on technology. In the episode, a mother has a tracker implanted into her daughter’s brain after briefly losing her on the playground one afternoon — leading to a pretty weird turn of events.

Netflix has yet to announce the official return date of Black Mirror — which means it could be at any second — but we have a feeling that the series has outdone himself again, and we’re a little scared.