big little lies
Credit: HBO

Since it first premiered on HBO earlier this year, there have been rumors left and right regarding a Big Little Lies Season 2. By the finale, the cast — including Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, who also produced the project — talked openly about wanting a second season.

However, last week, Kidman dashed our hopes when, during Variety’s Actors on Actors, she told her Moulin Rouge costar Ewan McGregor, that there were no plans for a second season. Naturally, we were a little disappointed to hear that we wouldn’t see any more of Madeline Martha Mackenzie and the rest of the Monterey moms.

NOW, in another cruel twist of fate, showrunner David E. Kelley — who initially quashed rumors about a second season — has revealed that it’s a possibility.

Kelley also noted that it’s ironic how on board the cast is to do another season. The show was specifically built for one season because they didn’t think the cast would want to sign on for too much television. The women of BLL have been incredibly open about how much they bonded during filming and seeing how there are still so many questions to be answered, we could definitely use more.

“We committed to this one thing as a complete picture,” Kelly said. “We didn’t have to conceive of future storylines and protect characters and make sure that they could be redeeming in any kind of perpetuity. We could be true to the story and true to the characters…The irony is the reason we assumed it would be a one-off, because of all this major talent, they’re at the forefront now of wanting that second season.”

Okay, so Kidman wasn’t *necessarily* toying with us when she said there were currently no plans for a second season of BLL. There just *could* be.

According to Kelley, a second season is currently being thought about but the crew of the show is leaving it up to Liane Moriarty, who wrote the book, to come up with more stories for the ladies. We’re keeping our fingers crossed we get a definitive answer soon because the back and forth is almost too much for our emotions!