Rachel Paige
Updated March 29, 2017 3:00 pm

Know how they say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? They shouldn’t do a whole lot of other things, too, which is why we’ve got a pretty good feeling as to who’s biting Amabella on HBO’s Big Little Lies.

The 7-part mini series on HBO follows the lives of four lofty moms — Madeline, Jane, Celeste, and Renata — as they deal with every aspect of their lives (and their lives are slowly crumbling around them). There’s also a big mystery to the series, and by the end of it, someone ends up dead. That’s not the only mystery, though, because there’s a bully in school, and no one can figure out who is bullying the kids, especially Renata’s Amabella.

Finding out who’s bullying Amabella might be more important than figuring out who’s killed in the final episode, if only because one could be the catalyst to the other. During her school year orientation, lil’ Amabella is choked (omg) and then, later on, bitten (OMG). Don’t bite kids, okay?

So, who’s behind this kid-on-kid violence? Originally, Amabella blames Jane’s Ziggy, but she “can’t remember” who actually choked her. But knowing Ziggy, there’s no way he could be behind this, right? RIGHT? Sure, he’s sleepwalking and it’s creepy AF, but sleepwalking does not translate into “biting other kids.”

Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/courtesy of HBO

With each passing episodes, it becomes clearer and clearer that there’s actually someone else behind Amabella’s injuries. Or maybe even two identical people behind it: Celeste’s twins, Josh and Max Wright.

Need evidence? The hints are there. For starters, sadly, Josh and Max are growing up in a house wrought with domestic abuse. Celeste told her therapist that there’s no way the boys could know this is going on, but Celeste, you live in a glass house. Kids are smarter and more observant than everyone thinks, and it would (sadly) make sense if Josh and Max put into practice what they saw at home. We’ve already seen them turn on their mom, and get out the nerf guns, which is kinda intense. Celeste does nothing to stop it, and neither does dad, Perry.

It’s also just simply implied that Ziggy is the one bullying here, even though there is literally no proof. She can’t remember, Ziggy claims it wasn’t him, and no one has seen it happen. Knowing what we know about Jane’s past (and the fact that she sleeps with a gun under her pillow) it’s like we, the viewers, are simply left to believe that this violence is inherent. Since Jane was abused, the conclusion is (sadly) that yes, Ziggy is abusing others, too. That’s not fair to the kid.

And let’s not forget that this last episode, “Burning Love,” included a direct reference to the twins and their teeth — why spend precious time looking at the twins’ teeth when we could be busy looking at the GORGEOUS houses they all live in??


If that’s not enough, these three boys — Ziggy, Max, and Josh — also kinda look alike. Their hair might be different, but on the first day of school, with emotions running high, it would make sense of Amabella accidentally confused this group of young boys.

(Also, just need to throw this out there, too: There’s a solid theory that Perry is the one who actually raped Jane, and that would would make Ziggy, Max, and Josh all half-siblings. With the same blood in their veins, they’re going to have similar traits, which also might cause Amabella to confuse them all. They’re brothers. However, this theory hasn’t been proven yet, but it’s still a good theory — and only further backs up the idea that Josh and Max are bullying Amabella.)

There’s sadly only one episode left of the mini-series (WHYYYYYYYY) so we’re going to find out who’s behind Amabella’s bullying sooner rather than later. Let’s just hope it’s resolved, and Amabella’s a-okay, and doesn’t resort to kid-on-kid violence herself.