Scarlet Meyer
August 27, 2016 12:50 pm
The WB

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of 7th Heaven, everyone’s favorite ’90s family drama. The iconic WB show followed the Camdens, a family of (you guessed it) seven brothers and sisters, along with their mother and their minister father.

Needless to say, anyone who was anyone tuned in religiously to keep up with the Camdens’ powerful and (often) angst-filled journey of growing up as a family. (And those of us who couldn’t begged our friends to tell us about it the next day at school!)

Lucky for us, 7th Heaven star Beverley Mitchell, who played middle child Lucy Camden, has been sharing a ton of great behind-the-scenes photos on her Instagram and blog in honor of the big anniversary.

A lot of the photos show Mitchell with her two closest in age co-stars, Barry Watson (who played big brother Matt Camden) and Jessica Biel (who played troubled older sister Mary Camden). All of the captions are written with great playful humor and the photos showcase some iconic ’90s styles.

We personally love the hair, but then again, a lot of us are die-hard ’90s kids.

Apparently, so is Beverley’s co-star Barry Watson, who jokingly fired back with this tweet:

Along with the photos, Mitchell has been dropping a lot of juicy tidbits on her blog as well, such as adorable notes to her costars, awesome on-set memories, and the fact that she and Jessica Biel both had a crush on co-star Barry Watson “for a minute.” Check out some of Mitchell’s great photos below, and take a look at her blog to see some more sweet 7th Heaven memories!